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The development of our company is closely related to investments that we make in new technologies, modern manufacturing techniques, creative employees, innovative solutions, and close contacts with our customers. In response to increasing demands of our purchasers in our country and in countries abroad we improve already existing products and introduce new products of high quality and in attractive prices. Among characteristics of our offers are a broad variety of profiles, higher stiffness than in competitive products, increased level of safety, and increased quality of work.

Modern aluminum locksmith products have great technical parameters is thermal and acoustic isolation and static. Thank to numerous profiles offered by our company, ready to use products can be adjusted to individual needs of our customers. The possibility of connecting of systems additionally extends universality of the use of our products. Moreover, our systems are constantly improved and modernized in order to keep pace with changing demands of the market.
New products will be based on systems of multi-chambered PVC. As a result the isolation coefficient will be getting lower. Moreover the products will be characterized by modern shape, functionality, and high safety level.


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